Patricia Koysova

Sensibility, imagination and perfection.


Those three words can be used to describe the pictures of the young Slovak painter, Patricia Koysova (1985). She purposefully examines the possibilities aroused by searching for new painting techniques. Her works are eye-catching, sometimes overwhelmingly impressive non-figural compositions, which we could label “abstract”. But that would be far too simple. She uses the words “laboratory” and“research”to describe her experiments and innovations that she applies to create a painting. Even when she worked on her university thesis, she asked herself whether it was still possible to discover something original and new in painting — a technique or method that is completely novel, unprecedented or even shocking. This question has remained with her, and is reflected in her pictures as well as experiments with three-dimensional realizations (sculptures). She paints using a compressor, a varnishing gun, air brush, or spatula in a way which evokes intuitive painting methods such as abstract expressionism’s dripping or color-splashing. Departing from the modernist tendency to paint from the artist’s inner world, Koysova avoids direct contact with the painted surface. She leaves that to chosen instruments and tools she uses in the creative process. In this way, her paintings miss the straight-forward interpretation of emotional expression, assumed by the eruptive appearance of her pictures. She focuses more on establishing a new connection between the viewer and their own imagination. Koysova’s works are captive and delightful, yet not ordinary or mawkish. The artist strives to define her work with a full awareness of aesthetic possibilities created beyond her conscious control. She leaves a certain part of her work to happen by chance. Patricia works with coincidence, unpredictability, and the individual characteristics of her technological experiments. There is much adventure behind her works. And the adventure takes off again each time her picture meets a new, open and playful mind.

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Patricia Koysova belongs to the youngest, yet most promising personalities on the Slovak scene of contemporary painting. She is a PhD candidate at the Department of Painting on Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. Her works are exhibited on both solo and collective exhibitions, are acknowledged in artistic awards and publications and she participates in numerous artistic workshops and residency programs.

born 31. 01. 1985 in Nove Zamky. Lives and works in Bratislava.


2011 – PhD. study on Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, 4th studio of. prof. Ivan Csudai

2005 – 2011 Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, Department of Painting and Other Media, studio of Prof. I. Csudai

2004 – 2005 Matej Bel University in Banska Bystrica, Faculty of Humanities, Visual Art Didactics

2000 – 2004 High school of arts Trencin, Department of Fashion Design

2008 – Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, prof. Skiloyanis, Greece


2011 – Prize of the year in category free art, Diploma ZOOM, Bratislava, Slovakia


2012 – Medana, Slovenia

Selected solo exhibitions

2015 – 90 ×105, Gallery Cin Cin, Bratislava

2014 – Objekt/Obraz, Magna Gallery, Piestany, Slovakia

2014 – When I Grow up I’ll be a waterfall, Plusminusnula gallery, Zilina, Slovakia

2014 – Heavy Lightness, Schemnitz Gallery, Banska Stiavnica, Slovakia

2013 – Patricia Koysova in Lignet Roset, showroom Lignet Roset, Bratislava, Slovakia

2012 – All Lights are Fire with Jan Gasparovic and Jaro Kysa, SPACE gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia

2011 – V kostce with Stanislav Divis, Gallery Sypka, Valasske Mezirici, Czech Republic

2011 – Episode, Hopkirk chillout and culture bar, Bratislava, Slovakia

2010 – Evolution of a Star, SODA Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia

2010 – Tricolora, with Silvia Cechova a Lucia Tallova , Ex libris a Ex cafe, Bratislava, Slovakia

2009 – Blue on First Sight, Hangar, Tranzit studios, Bratislava, Slovakia

2008 – Occupied, with Silvio Cechova and Lucia Tallova , Ex libris a Ex cafe, Bratislava, Slovakia

Selected group exhibitions

2015 – Od obrazu k objektu, Gagarinka Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia

2015 – Biennale of painting V.?, City Gallery Rimavska Sobota, Slovakia

2014 – Vesmir & Co, Gagarinka Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia

2014 – Rozmanitost nutna, Slovak National Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia

2013 – Visual inspiration and personal quests, Slovak institute Moskva (Russia), Riga Art Space, Riga (Latvia), National Library of Estonia, Tallinn (Estonia)

2013 – Fakt/Fikcia, Gallery Sypka, Valasske Mezirici, Czech Republic

2013 – Painting of the Year, Nedbalka Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia

2013 – ArtD1 No.1, Central Slovakian Gallery, Banska Bystrica, Slovakia

2013 – ArtD1 No.1, House of Art, Bratislava, Slovakia

2013 – One Step Forward vol.2, House of Art Brno, Czech Republic

2013 – Spirit, SPP Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia

2012 – So, As They Don´t Know, Nitra Gallery, Nitra, Slovakia

2012 – Painting as jewel, jewel as painting, Gallery Medium, Bratislava, Slovakia

2011 – Consistent, The Orava Gallery, Dolny Kubin, Slovakia

2011 – Septembrovy sber/ Mlada slovenska malba, Gallery Caesar, Olomouc, Czech Republic

2011 – Retrospectrum, Tatra Gallery, Poprad, Slovakia

2011 – Dambusters, Zvolen Castle, Zvolen, Slovakia

2010 – Christmas Bestseller 2., SODA Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia

2010 – Treffpunkt, Spis Artists Gallery, Spisska Nova Ves, Slovakia

2010 – One Step Forward, Gallery Medium, Bratislava, Slovakia

2010 – Parallels,The Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest, Hungary

2009 – Christmas Bestseller, SODA Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia

2009 – Prague!!!, studios Prague – Uhonice, Czech Republic

2009 – MASO (painting and sculpture object), 4D Gallery, Galanta, Slovakia

2009 – Small Scale II and Entropy, Kressling Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia

2008 – VSVU / VSUP, Galeria VSUP, Prague, Czech Republic