Erik Sille

Playful, sarcastic and intelligently funny.


Erik Sille (1978) is one of the most renowned and successful young painters in Slovakia. He contributed to a special phenomenon labelled a “comeback” of painting to Slovak contemporary art. Sille’s work is visually original, vivid and colorful, akin to the style of Asian contemporary painting (namely Japanese and Chinese). Yet, his pictures are familiar to both a native and international public because he uses popular signs and symbolic language. Erik’s artwork started to attract national and international attention as soon as he began working in the field of Fine Arts.

Erik Sille is a painter with unique artistic qualities and an up-to-date expressive idiom of his works. He typically uses a digital image as the starting point. Computer-modified spatial modelling, nuances characteristic of computer programs, accuracy in overlapping layers and combining fields, extreme purity of line, and bright continuous areas of colour are at the core of his visual language. Computer games, graphic design and Manga comics made a significant impact on the initial development of his repertoire of motifs. He also adds motifs drawn from the local social milieu seasoned with international pop-cultural icons.

Sille vividly comments on today’s world by constantly mapping its stories, real-life situations, paradoxes and social problems. He memorializes them through the medium of painting as almost ritualistic action. Frequently using well-known symbols placed in absurd situations within fictional urban spaces, Sille’s paintings both criticize and glorify contemporary culture. The “emptied” symbols and marks, combined with fairy-tale figures, images of endangered animals, and comic book characters are interspersed in scenes full of life. Sille’s use of easily identifiable symbols that attract viewers’ attention, the expressive and accessible means of communication in his paintings, and his engagement in various public activities make him hugely relatable one of the few artists who communicates beyond the scope of the expert and artistic communities.

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Erik Sille’s work has been exhibited at prestigious art galleries and sites in Slovakia and abroad. He is among those select artists always included in important Slovak art exhibitions and in publications on the the Slovak art scene. He has also received numerous awards. In 2010, he was laureate of the Tatra Banka Foundation Prize; and he has twice been in the finals of the prestigious VÚB’s Painting of the Year contest, winning first place in 2009. His works can be found in the collections of the Slovak National Gallery, the European Parliament, and with renowned private art collectors.

born 5. 10. 1978 in Roznava, Slovakia. Lives and works in Bratislava.


2000 – 2006 Academy of Fine Arts Bratislava (4th studio of prof. Ivan Csudai), Bratislava, Slovakia

1996 – 2000 High school of applied arts in Kremnica, Slovakia


2010 – Young artist laureate of Tatra Bank Foundation Prize, Slovakia

2009 – 1st place on the VUB Painting, Slovakia

2006 – 3rd place on the VUB Painting, Slovakia

2006 – IV. Zlin Youth Salon, Czech Republic


2016 – slowpunch, Bali, Indonesia

2014 – I came I saw, Boulder Creek, California, US

2013 – Youkobo art space, Tokyo, Japan

2012 – Banska Stanica 6 x 9, Banska Stiavnica, Slovakia

Selected solo exhibitions

2016 – slowpunch, ODD, Bali, Indonesia

2016 – Nature 2.0, Kro Art Gallery, Vienna, Austria

2015 – Seeping water, Plusminusnula, Zilina, Slovakia

2013 – Booom, Gallery Dea Orh, Praha, Czech Republic

2013 – Made in Japan, Krokus gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia

2013 – Strategy, Gmab Trencin, Trencin, Slovakia

2013 – The adventures of Junshi and Stillborn, Youkobo art space, Tokyo, Japan

2012 – Welcome to our city, Stredoslovenska galeria, Banska Bystrica, Slovakia

2012 – From time to time, from shore to shore, Industrial Gallery Ostrava, Czech Republic

2011 – Alchymia vandractva, Turcianska galeria, Martin, Slovakia

2011 – Noir wellness, Krokus gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia

2010 – Erik Sille, Wannieck Gallery, Brno, Czech Republic

2010 – Another country, Galerie Sypka, Valasské Mezirici, Czech Republic

2009 – e.s. wird hell, Krokus Galeria, Bratislava, Slovakia

2009 – Work and play (with D. Baffi), Galeria umenia, Nove Zamky, Slovakia

2008 – New world pictures, Galeria SLSP, Bratislava, Slovakia

2008 – Paintings feels better than we do, Galerie mesta Blanska, Blansko, Czech Republic

2008 – Horror Vacui (with M. Czinege), Slovak Institute, Rome, Italy

2008 – a. balanced, Muzeum Vojtecha Löfflera, Kosice, Slovakia

2007 – Birds resonance, Bastart Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia

Selected group exhibitions

2015 – Summer exhibition, Krokus Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia

2015 – Nestalost molekul, K13 Kulturpark, Kosice, Slovakia

2015 – A Touch of California, Nastupiste, Topolcany, Slovakia

2014 – Summer exhibition, Krokus Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia

2013 – Zero years, Freies Museum, Berlin, Germany

2013 – Biennale of painting IV ? Mestska galeria, Rimavska Sobota, Slovakia

2013 – Triko, Triennale of contemporary image, Vychodoslovenske muzeum, Kosice, Slovakia

2013 – Roznavske radialy – Traja z jedného mesta, Galeria Banickeho muzea, Roznava, Slovakia

2013 – Podozrivy volny cas, Open gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia

2012 – Oltare Sucastnosti – Sucasne Oltare, Turcianska galeria, Martin, Slovakia

2012 – Summer exhibition, Krokus Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia

2012 – ObraSKov – contemporary slovak paintings, Tatranska galeria, Poprad, Slovakia

2011 – Punctum, Gallery 19, Bratislava, Slovakia

2011 – ObraSKov, Wannieck Gallery, Brno, Czech Republic

2011 – Summer exhibition, Krokus Gallery, Slovakia

2010 – Painting after painting, Slovak National Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia

2010 – Selfportraits, Krokus Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia

2010 – Faunetic-Faunethic-Faunatic, Kro Art Gallery, Vienna, Austria

2010 – Entdeckung der Langsamkeit, Kro Art Gallery, Vienna, Austria

2010 – Formate der Transformation 89-09, MUSA, Vienna, Austria

2009 – Formaty transformace 89-09, Dum umeni, Brno, Czech Republic

2009 – Contemporary drawing, Kosice/Praha/Budapest, Kulturpark, Kosice, Slovakia

2009 – Laureates of Zlin Youth Salon, KGVU, Zlin, Czech Republic

2009 – Selection 11.1, Galerie Vaclava Spaly, Prague, Czech Republic

2009 – 11 + 1, Dom umenia, Bratislava, Slovakia

2009 – donumenta 2009 – Perfect Asymmetry, Kunstforum Ostdeutsche Galerie, Regensburg, Germany

2009 – VUB Painting, Ministerstva Kultury, Bratislava, Slovakia

2008 – Spleen & ideal, Karlin studios, Praha, Czech Republic

2008 – ITCA, National Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

2008 – Im Herzen Europas, Kulturzentrum Englische Kirche, Bad Homburg, Germany

2008 – From east to west, Vychodoslovenska Galeria, Kosice, Slovakia

2008 – CZ – SK: Young Contemporary Painting, Wannieck Gallery, Brno, Czech Republic

2007 – Triennial of painting, Gallery BWA, Rzeszów, Poland

2007 – PitoreSKa, Wannieck Gallery, Brno, Czech Republic

2007 – Triennial of painting, Museum Tarii Crisurilor, Oradea, Romania

2007 – Spleen & ideal, Galerie Brno, Brno, Czech Republic

2007 – The Most Curatorial Biennale of the Universe, Apexart, NYC, US

2007 – Triennial of painting, Deri Museum, Debrecen, Hungary

2006 – Zlin Youth Salon, KGVU, Zlin, Czech Republic

Works in public collections

Slovak National Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia

Nitra gallery, Nitra, Slovakia

National gallery of Dolny Kubin, Dolny Kubin, Slovakia

Foundation VUB Bank, Bratislava, Slovakia

Wannieck Gallery, Brno, Czech Republic

Marek Collection, Brno, Czech Republic

EP Collection, Brussel, Belgium