Boris Sirka

Visions full of mysteriousness, macabre elegance and haunting spectacles.


Boris Sirka (1981) is one of the most easily recognizable artists among young Slovak painters. He creates meticulously executed paintings, drawings and graphics as well as animations or sculptures. His chosen genre can be included in the wider international “gothic” movement in contemporary art. He is repeatedly drawn to “dark” topics inspired by literature or film, as well as by the urban legends of exotic places and cultures. He is fascinated by horror, ghost and other scary stories, superstitions, and an entire range of sub-cultural motifs. This has been so far an invaluable source of his visual inspiration. Meanwhile he processes his pictures in a highly aesthetic form, thus blurring the difference between the currently low-brow creative attitude and the so-called “high art”. Sirka works in bounded and closed cycles. In his pictorial style and symbolic language we find traces of the atmosphere of dark European romanticism or Baroque paintings, along with a strong influence on his imagery from Japanese literature and cinematography. He reacts to Asian sources through two-dimensional visuality, the repetitiveness of elements, and precise drawing. His pictures therefore have elegance, grace, and the unpredictable eeriness of the world “behind the mirror”. His pictures chillingly play with the human imagination, primary source of our ill-defined fear of an unseen world, only vaguely perceived by our senses. On the other hand, Sirka possesses a special kind of dark humor, with a strong ironic or even subversive point of view in his artistic expressions. By depicting the deepest fears of every human soul, he unveils its uncanny sublimity and yet childish vulnerability. Sirka as a painter has a passion for handcraft, artistic perfection and mastering the chosen technique for creating the picture – be it acrylic, watercolor, pen and ink, or a combination of other techniques.

He does not confine himself solely to paintings; occasionally, he uses video animation, multimedia installations and 3D objects. Apart from visual arts, Boris Sirka is intensively engaged in the production of electronic music and visual performance as part of the creative projects BIOS (together with J. Tusan), БРАДА (with N. Brankovic), and as a solo sound performer under the symbol Æ.

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Sirka’s work is well known to art professionals, curators and gallerists, but it is also appealing and accessible to the untrained art lover. He completed his artistic studies at one of the most respected art schools in Slovakia – Faculty of Arts, Technical University in Kosice. His works are frequently seen at exhibitions both in Slovakia and abroad. He was chosen to take part in a six-month Artist-In-Residence Programme at Youkobo Artspace, Tokyo, Japan in 2014.

born 08.09.1981 in Snina, Slovakia


2000 – 2006 Study at Technical university, Faculty of arts, Department of Visual Arts and Intermedia, Studio of graphic and experimental creation, Kosice, Slovakia

2003 – Study at Academy of visual art, New media, Prague, Czech Republic

1996 – 2000 High school of contemporary art, Kosice, Slovakia


2014 – Youkobo Artspace, Tokyo, Japan

Solo exhibitions

2015 – Ink Places, Sopa Gallery, Kosice, Slovakia

2014 – Fire Walk With Me, Schemnitz Gallery, Banska Stiavnica, Slovakia

2013 – Some Time Ago, Plusminusnula Gallery, Zilina, Slovakia

2012 – Ouroboros, Galerie Sypka, Valaske Mezirici, Czech Republic

2008 – Boris Sirka, Kressling Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia

Group exhibitions

2012 – Takmer koniec, Make Up Gallery, Kosice, Slovakia

2009 – 5. Salon of Young Artists, House of Arts, Zlin, Czech Republic

2009 – Black and White, Kressling Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia

2009 – New Entry, Kressling Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia

2009 – Trezor, Rotunda gallery, Kosice, Slovakia

2009 – Both sides of coins (Matus Lanyi & Boris Sirka), Art Gallery, Nove Zamky, Slovakia

2008 – CZ-SK Contemporary young painting, Wannieck Gallery, Brno, Czech Republic

2008 – ITCA 2008, International Triennale of Contemporary Art 08, National Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

2008 – Gallery by night (with Lilla Borsos-Lorinc), Studio Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2008 – East of Eden, Karlin studios, Prague, Czech Republic

2008 – Im Herzen Europas!!!, Kulturzentrum, Bad Homburg, Germany

2008 – Viennafair, Reed Messe Wien GmbH, Wien, Austria

2008 – ART.SK, Bratislava, Slovakia

2008 – Cassovia Contemporary Sale, Museum V.Loffler, Kosice, Slovakia

2007 – K.O.mix, Gallery Young, Nitra gallery, Nitra, Slovakia

2007 – International film festival, Palace cinema, Aupark, Bratislava, Slovakia

2007 – Make it up, Gallery AVU, Prague, Czech Republic

2007 – Painting 2007-VUB Price for young slovak painters, Klarisky, Bratislava, Slovakia

2007 – East of Eden, Moonride festival, Kosice, Slovakia

2007 – Painting Triennial, Art Information Center of the Fine Arts Academy, Lvov, Ukraine

2007 – Mapping, Museum of Andy Warhol, Medzilaborce, Slovakia

2007 – Painting Triennial, Deri Museum, Debrecin, Hungary

2007 – Painting Triennial, Museum Tarii Crisurilor Oradea, Romania

2007 – Opening, Kressling Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia

2007 – Scooter, Biennale of Czech and Slovak republic, Jan Koniarek gallery, Trnava, Slovakia

2007 – 71. Extraordinary Auction of Slovak Contemporary Art, SOGA, Bratislava, Slovakia

2007 – International Painting Triennial of Carpathian Region: Silver Quadrangle, East slovak gallery, Kosice, Slovakia

2007 – PitoreSKa, Wanniek Gallery, Brno, Czech Republic

2006 – International Painting Triennial of Carpathian Region: Silver Quadrangle, Gallery ARP, Przemysl, Poland

2006 – International Painting Triennial, Gallery BWA, Rzeszow, Poland

2006 – 4. Salon of Young Artists, House of Arts, Zlin, Czech Republic

2006 – Auction of slovak contemporary art, Sotheby´s, Design Factory, Bratislava, Slovakia

2006 – Exhibition of diploma works, East slovak gallery, Kosice, Slovakia

2006 – Man, ghost, hero, machine, Medium gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia

2005 – Stop domestic violence, Stara trznica, Bratislava, Slovakia

2005 – Prievan-Draught, Gallery of Prague, Prague, Czech Republic

2005 –, Kunstverein Heilbronn, Heilbronn, Germany

2005 – Multiplace, Stanica, Zilina, Slovakia

2005 – Investigation, Povazska gallery, Zilina, Slovakia

2005 – dikOBRAZOVO-FARBI100, Nitra gallery, Nitra, Slovakia

2004 – 50. Extraordinary Auction of Slovak Contemporary Art, SOGA, Bratislava, Slovakia

2004 – ERROR 01: out of space, Gallery HIT, Bratislava, Slovakia

2004 – Volume one, Wave club, Presov, Slovakia

2004 – Thailand New media art festival, Bangkok, Thailand

2004 – European media art festival, Osnabruck, Germany

2004 – Oskar Cepan Price, Slovak Institute, Prague, Czech Republic

2004 – Red kiss message, Gallery A.M.180, Prague, Czech Republic

2004 – Mobility, Koln, Germany

2003 – Avantgarda 03, Town gallery Rimavska Sobota, Rimavska Sobota, Slovakia

2003 – Fresh, Loffler gallery, Kosice, Slovakia

2003 – 41. Extraordinary Auction of Slovak Contemporary Art, SOGA, Bratislava, Slovakia

2003 – Investigation, Povazska gallery, Zilina, Slovakia

2003 – Oskar Cepan Price, Mirbach palace, Bratislava, Slovakia

2003 – New Media Nation, Buryzone, Bratislava, Slovakia

2002 – Play Andy! Play Art! – Poprad gallery, Poprad, Slovakia