Slovakia is a small country in the eastern part of Europe. A region with mild weather, average temperatures, and a stable political scene. It’s a quiet place not worth the focus of the media or international art world? On the contrary. Slovakia has much to offer from its vivid art and cultural scene which has benefited from its proximity to lively cultural centers like Vienna, Prague, Budapest and even Paris. Slovak art has developed into a multicultural, intellectual and exciting world. In today’s age of globalization, cultural exchange and fast information flows, Slovakia’s art scene is even more relevant to international circles than ever before. There are several art schools in Slovakia and many ways of finding a career in the world of art for Slovak emerging artists.

One key ingredient is missing – a reasonable number of culturally aware art customers. There are many reasons to collect contemporary art from Slovakia, even when compared to other internationally renowned art markets:

  1. Slovak art is fully connected to the international artistic movement and it is academically approved
  2. Its art and artifacts are unique investments
  3. Its prices remain affordable by international market standards

In general, you can purchase Slovak art at reasonable prices without compromising on quality or artistic relevance.


Established in 2014, we at the slowpunch Art Space provide an innovative forum for contemporary art. We offer an opportunity for mostly young but established artists from the region of central Europe to present their work outside their countries, where they have rarely or ever before exhibited.
Our gallery proudly represents the top, up-and-coming artists from Slovakia along with more renowned figures in the region’s art world. With a concentration on large and small contemporary visual arts, we deal with paintings, drawings, photography, objects and graphics of the highest quality.

It is understood that all our original art comes with certificates of authenticity.


Samuel Bertok, founder of slowpunch, graduated from TU Vienna (Austria) in 2012 with a Master of Architecture. After working in Vienna as an architect for more than 10 years and with frequent travel to Bali (Indonesia), he decided in 2014 to extend his profession and merge his excitement for art and culture with his admiration for the ‘Bali Dwipa’. The idea of slowpunch Art Space is to offer a link between his background in Slovak art with the lively society and culture of Bali.

Diana Majdakova is our lead curator and a key member of our team. She has a Master in Art science from Faculty of Arts at Comenius University in Bratislava (Slovakia). Diana has 10 years’ professional experience across the field of art, including work as a curator of contemporary art and cultural manager (Art Academy, Invisible Stiavnica, Schemnitz Gallery, SPACE Gallery).

Boris Melus is a graphic designer and publisher of visual books about art and photography. Boris has a Master in Graphic Design and Visual Communication from Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague (Czech Republic). He helps us with our visual culture and advises on the general direction of slowpunch. His punches are slow but precise!